We believe in a holistic approach to parenting, relationships and natural health.  Our website provides expert and real-world advice in the form of a "holistic community," video interviews with the experts and a fun and informative blog about life as everyday parents!  
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Are your kids driving you nuts, or are you interested in keeping up with the latest in relationship help or getting some expert marriage advice?  Well, your zainy hosts, Mike & Sandy Quast, are here to help you by finding and interviewing the experts to get the advice you need!  They have been married for 10 years, together for 15, with three children ages 5, 7, and 9.  They are truly “In the Mix!” 

Enjoy one-stop shopping from Mike & Sandy’s recommended picks from personal development and marriage rescue programs, to hot must-read books, to easy online access to carcinogenic free personal care products and the best nutritionals for your family. 

As far as natural health,... we've got it!  We cover natural health topics and natural health remedies & link you to some of the best natural health products on earth!  We definately recommend you join the most popular natural health newsletter on the internet by Dr. Mercola. It is loaded with great health info for you and your family!  A must read! (You can CLICK HERE to sign up for Dr. Mercola's newsletter.)

What about all the vaccines that are out there?  We bring you expert advice on vaccines such as the H1N1 vaccine, the flu vaccine, polio vaccine, hepatitis B (Hep B) vaccine and more!  What are the potential dangers lurking and what is the risk versus rewards? Listen in and you decide!

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All the Best in Health & Happiness, 

Mike & Sandy:)

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Enjoy funny videos with Mike & Sandy and the gang...

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The Real Parents Promo Video
The Real Parents is a fun, lively talk show, hosted by "real" parents with a reality show twist! We'll explore challenging parenting topics, core relationship issues & alternative health options as well as featuring inspiring celebrity guests! In ad ...
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New Years Eve 2009 Episode # 63
Happy New Year 2010, we'll it was for me and the boys, we were sleeping! Mike & Han decided to stick it out and have their own private party... Like our videos? Subscribe @ http://www.TheRealParents.com ...
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Christmas Presents from Uncle Keith! Episode # 60
Uncle Keith comes over to give the kiddies their Christmas gifts! Afterwards, Mike makes mention about how the kids would love to sleep over Uncle Keith & Aunt Marianne's house with their new toys! (Yeah, right, at least we would!) Like our videos ...
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Christmas Morning Part #1 Episode #58
Crazy Christmas morning with the three little kiddes, Santa was just here! Join Mike & Sandy Q, hosts of TheRealParents.com as they rumage through the mass pile of presents! Like our videos? Subscribe at http://www.TheRealParents.com. ...
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Christmas Morning Part #2 Episode #59
Christmas morning, part #2 with Mike & Sandy and the gang; hosts of TheRealParents.com! Crazy holiday as usual! Like our videos? Subscribe at http://www.TheRealParents.com. ...
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Ryan's Solo "Oh Christmas Tree"- Episode # 47
Ryan's sweet "Oh Christmas Tree" solo. His kindergarten teacher said he still sings in school, and doesn't realize it's not "cool" yet! Like our videos? Subscribe at TheRealParents.com! ...
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Sandy Quast Reporter Demo Reel- Episode # 52
Hi guys, Here's my reporter Demo Reel from NJN News! Like our videos? Subscribe at TheRealParents.com! ...
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Santa Was Just Here On A Firetruck Christmas 2009-Episode #50
Santa made a house call early to visit the kiddies this year! They were thrilled to see him, Mrs Claus came too. Check out how excited Hannah was to see them! Like our videos? Subscribe at TheRealParents.com! ...
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Santa Claus's Quast House Visit 2009- Episode #49
Santa Clause trashed the reindeer to come on a firetruck instead... Who need to go to the mall, when Santa and Mrs Claus makes housecalls?? Like our videos? Subscribe at TheRealParents.com! ...
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Great Ice Cream Deal...shhhh... it's a secret! Episode #45
Okay so maybe we cheat a little, but you can't beat the Friendly's kid cone double scoop for only a buck! Mike sneaks in and acts like he has 5 kids (we only have three) and takes the cones (or in a cup if you like) to go! Delish! Like our videos? ...
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Thanksgiving Day with the Quasts...Episode #41
Thanksgiving Day in PA with the TheRealParents.com hosts Mike & Sandy Quast and family!Like our videos? Subscribe at TheRealParents.com! ...
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The PreThanksgiving Trip and Bickering Match-Episode #38
Join Mike & Sandy of TheRealParents.com with fun reality footage of them and their kids traveling to Aunt Jessica's for Thanksgiving. Like our videos? Subscribe at TheRealParents.com! ...
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Pig Pen Rooms- Episode #36
Hey kids, clean up those messy rooms! Getting tired of cleaning up after the varmits, new strategy...a new reward chart (legal form of bribary). Check it out... Like our videos? Subscribe at TheRealParents.com! ...
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