Hello world, first official post !!

Hope everyone is still staying safe, together & healthy. As we all learn to navigate in this “new normal” uncertain world. History in the making, yes Covid-19 Those who say they have adjusted. I would really beg to differ. Adjusting is an understatement in our home kids from the ages 13-18 lets say call it CHAOS. We have all been forced to adapt learn & continue to keep hope alive, as hope is the last thing we should lose. Every simple task we took for granted before has now become a way of survival. Getting it done is where us parents as continue to push through for them, that’s the REAL rewarding feeling even just some simple groceries. Back to reality for now whoever is reading this right now you the broken and exhausted  MOM or DAD the overwhelmed provider and protector, tomorrow the sun will rise again for each and every one of us a brighter day and a chance to make things better. Stay REAL & stay safe ….


– The real Parents.



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